Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bareboating Blog

Bareboating Blog « Bareboating the World

Nice blog here from the US which is almost as occasional as this one, but provides some nice tips for those who like to charter around the world.

Check out the video in the anchoring piece from December 17th as well:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Maritime Professional - Piracy approach a failure, say Hong Kong shipowners

Maritime Professional - Piracy approach a failure, say Hong Kong shipowners

It is extraordinary that governments today seem less able to protect shipping than they were almost 200 years ago,” the HKSOA lamented....quite so!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why you clip on!

BBC News - Yachtsman overboard in South Atlantic storm
You sometimes wonder why all the fuss about clipping on and off before you come into and after you leave the cockpit when offshore This scary video from the Clipper should be all the reason you ever need. Looks like they did a good job and got him back within 17 minutes: plenty long enough in the cold S. Atlantic I'd imagine...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 tips for avoiding pirates | Elaine Bunting's Blog | Yachting World

10 tips for avoiding pirates | Elaine Bunting's Blog | Yachting World
Some useful advice here although not sure how it would help if you're 500 - 600 miles away from the coast of Somalia and you still get nailed. Stay out of the Indian Ocean seems to be the only safe advice here. Hmmmm...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good rules for cruising offshore

This from Elaine Bunting's excellent blog on the Yachting World website:

• Small amounts of alcohol will be permitted at Happy Hour and on special occasions
• No smoking below decks. If you must smoke please consider other crew and make sure all ash and smoke goes overboard
• Drugs on board: none, thank you
• Please keep heads, showers and yourself clean. Smelly loos and crew are not welcome
• Watchkeepers: steer at least half of your watch to conserve valuable energy
• Try to save power by turning off all unnecessary lights, appliances, instruments, etc
• Water will not be rationed but when showering please turn off shower head when washing body and hair and rinse off with minimum amount of water
• Please make as little noise at night as possible so as not to disturb others. No speakers on deck
• Lifejackets must be worn and harnesses attached to jackstays on all night watches. Person coming off watch must check new watchkeeper is wearing lifejacket, Life Tag and harness is clipped on
• Please be on watch at least 5 minutes early. The previous watchkeeper will be tired and ready for bed. He also has to discuss developments through his watch
• Do not pee over the side or stern - use the toilets
• Do not leave the cockpit to go forward without telling someone
• Under no circumstances leave the cockpit at night to go forward unless another crewmember is there to keep an eye on you
• Do not turn on generator or watermaker unless asked to by skipper
• Do not run engine except in emergency unless asked to by skipper
• If you are to tired to stay awake on watch, call the skipper
• In an emergency or bad weather, or if you are worried at all, always wake the skipper

Mind you, good luck with persuading those with a few sea miles under the life jacket from peeing over the side when it's anything but very rough.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A weekend of contrasts in Macau

This was a not a weeekend for armchair sailing. The Hong Kong Cruise Owners Association Macau race weekend was one of contrasts: a very wet Saturday followed by pretty much perfect sailing conditions for the run back on Monday:

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